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Young Latino family enjoying the IslamInSpanish Eid Al-Fitr festivities in Dallas, TX // Photo provided by IslamInSpanish

Download Full Reports and Key Findings for Latino Attitudes Toward American Muslims and Islam

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, just under 20% of Americans are Latino, a sizable proportion of the American public. Demographic data from ISPU’s American Muslim Poll finds that 9% of Muslims in the United States are Latino. In ISPU’s American Muslim Poll 2019 survey, we learned that Latinos have lower levels of Islamophobia than other racial and ethnic groups. To better understand the reasons behind the lower levels of Islamophobia, ISPU partnered with IslamInSpanish to explore Latinos’ attitudes about American Muslims and Islam.

Through several rounds of in-depth interviews and focus groups with members of the Latino community, we uncovered various themes that may explain why Islamophobia is less prevalent compared to other racial and ethnic groups. We also uncovered what manifestations of Islamophobia persist among Latinos, as well as offer suggestions for how to mitigate Islamophobia. 

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This research was produced by the ISPU with support from and in partnership with IslamInSpanish, alongside additional generous support from the Doris Duke Foundation and El Hibri Foundation. Latino Decisions served as a research partner. 

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